Working together in the fight against COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted us all in various ways. It’s become clear that we're going to have to learn to live with COVID-19 for the coming months and, in all likelihood, years.

COVID-19 fund
We want to help

We want to help

Communicating in times of crisis and change is critical. Businesses and governments all over the world are creating new initiatives to help fight COVID-19.

We’re extending six months free usage to new relief efforts working on the front line to directly help those most affected by COVID-19.

Application details

Application details

1. Who's this for?

If you're working in any of the following, please apply:

Local governments

For example, local governments that need to communicate important updates with their communities.


For example, public and private having to digitise to help ensure students get the education they need.

Healthcare providers

For example, organizations co-ordinating medical professionals or healthcare for communities.


For example, non-profit organizations or teams that are directly working to fight COVID-19.

Note that if you don’t meet one of these criteria, but feel you’re a fit for this initiative, please write in!

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3. Submit your application

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