Go local. Host your data where you need to.

The world has gone global and your business has to move fast to keep up.
Vero Local gives you peace of mind and helps you stay compliant with the data laws in your region.

Peace of mind now and in the future

North America, The European Economic Area, Australia and China all have unique and nuanced data requirements. Vero helps you store realtime data about your customers and their actions on an ongoing basis. Thanks to our experience tracking billions of datapoints for hundreds of global businesses, we're experts in data processing and storage. Our Vero Local service helps you tap into this expertise to ensure compliance with current global data laws and requirements as well as protecting aginst future changes.

More than qualified to manage your data on a global scale

  • 60M+

    Emails sent per week

    We send millions of emails every day for businesses around the world, helping them create great customer experiences for their customers – from Rio to Beijing.

  • 1.5B+

    Data points captured per month

    Moving data, automating decisions and sending emails quickly and at scale is our business. We can help you do the same and ensure your data resides where it needs to along the way.

  • 150+

    International enterprise customers

    Vero's customers are located all around the world. Working predominantly with large, B2C, online businesses that send millions of emails each month, we've got experience helping businesses the world over at scale.

Where does your data need to be?

International data laws and requirements are constantly evolving. As part of Vero Local you can elect to have your data hosted in one of the following key international regions.

  • North America

    N. Virginia, Oregon

  • Europe

    Ireland, Frankfurt

  • Asia Pacific

    Sydney, Beijing


We work with hundreds of large, international businesses. Here's just a couple.

  • Norway (EUROPE)

  • Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

  • San Francisco (N.AMERICA)

  • Shanghai (CHINA)

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