Empower your team with Vero

Empower your team

Empower your marketing team to create and test customer experiences using real-time data

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We push all of our behavioural events to Vero… that moves email engagement out of our apps and into the hands of our non-developer teammates, allowing them to build highly-personalized emails, based on complex event-based logic on their own insights.

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Seamlessly integrate Vero with your software

Vero’s flexible API ensures seamless integration with your core software so you can easily transfer and manage your customer data your way

Quickly connect Vero with customer data platforms like Segment, and native libraries for Ruby, PHP, Python, and more.

Easily store, track and segment customer properties and customer activity.

Connect Vero
Seamlessly integrate Vero with your software

Visibility and clarity

Vero bridges the gap between your engineering and marketing teams

Empower your non-technical team members to use real-time data to create, test and optimize customer messages with ease.

Empower your team
Visibility and clarity with Vero customer data

Create and iterate, faster

Workflows give you and your team a clear view of all the triggers, conditions, filters, timings and content that make up your customer journey. Run AB tests and optimize every message to drive more growth.

Intuitive workflows
Create and iterate faster with Workflows in Vero

Vero helps marketing and engineering teams scale personalized customer messaging

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