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Segment & Vero Cloud

Segment & Vero Cloud

Use Segment to collect data from multiple sources, including mobile apps, websites, servers, and cloud apps and send it to Vero Cloud to trigger personalized marketing communications.

Get started

Segment helps your team move quickly

  • Access to 200+ data sources

    Capture data using Segment and it will translate and load your real-time data to Vero Workflows and automatically trigger personalized emails.

  • Auto-ingest customer data

    With the Segment integration, all your customer data from identify and track calls will show up in Vero Workflows automatically, and with no additional coding required.

  • Segment SDKs

    With Segment's wide range of libraries and mobile SDKs you can get data into Vero Workflows quickly from all the places your customers interact with your product.

  • Event Management

    Complete visibility of the events and properties being tracked in Vero Workflows, including when each event was last tracked, which customers triggered an event and the campaigns that triggered.

Easily get meaningful and actionable insights

Vero Cloud's integration with Segment allows you to extract, transform and load (ETL) your email campaign data into your data warehouses, such as Redshift and Bigquery.

Joining up your email and push interaction data with the rest of your customer data will give you access to meaningful and actionable insights. For example, by combining your data from payment apps, like Stripe, with your data from Vero, you can analyze conversions and revenue from email campaigns.

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“The Vero and Segment integration was a matter of ticking a box, putting in an API key and our CRM team was able to set up their first campaign in just a few hours”

Michael Heerkens, CTO at Helloprint at

What is Segment?

Segment is a customer data platform that connects over 200 sources and destinations to empower your team to use their favorite tools to personalize campaigns, analyze product usage, and more.