Connect Vero and Freshpaint

Use Freshpaint to collect data from mobile and cloud apps, plug it into Vero, and trigger personalized marketing messages.

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About Freshpaint

Freshpaint is a data collection tool that allows you to unlock historical data while automatically collecting customer data in the background. As the tool archives and stores your customer data, you can avoid vendor lock-in and protect against data loss.

About Vero

Vero helps you send behavioral and transactional emails. Our emails are data-driven, so you're never guessing when to send an email or who to send it to. Trigger a coupon when a customer views a product twice, or help a new user get started when they download your software.

Connecting Vero and Freshpaint helps your team move quickly

  • Retroactive and historical data

    Autotrack collects everything from the moment of install, so you already have the data on hand. Every new event you create has historical data available back to the day you installed Freshpaint.

  • Autotrack + Precision tracking

    Automates the collection of behavioral customer data using a single Javascript snippet that works in the background. You won't need to deploy code for every single interaction that requires data collection.

  • Visual editor for tagging

    It's now possible to build data infrastructure without a technical resource. As a marketer or product manager, Freshpaint is your launchpad to understand your business, acquire new customers, and engage your existing users.

  • Replay backfills

    As Freshpaint archives and stores customer data, you'll be able to avoid vendor lock-in and protect against potential data loss. Replay works by taking an archived copy of your data, resending it to new and existing tools that you're working with.

Easily get meaningful and actionable insights

Vero’s integration with Freshpaint lets you extract, transform, and load (ETL) your email campaign data into your data warehouses, such as Redshift and Bigquery.

By combining your email and push interaction data with the rest of your customer data, you'll get access to meaningful and actionable insights. For example, connecting your data from payment apps, like Stripe, with your data from Vero, you'll be able to better analyze conversions and revenue from email campaigns.

Meaningful and actionable insights

Vero helps marketing and engineering teams scale personalized customer messaging

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