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Templates that stand out in every inbox

Our responsive templates help your team send emails more quickly and efficiently. Choose your layout, add content blocks and send.

  • Send the right message at the right time
  • Automatically remembers unsubscribes from previous sends
Resposive templates


Reach the right audiences

Direct SQL access lets you build realtime, accurate audiences without needing to sync and resync.

  • Send the right message at the right time
  • Automatically remembers unsubscribes from previous sends
  • Send consistent messages across all channels
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Track customer activity

Full-featured reports in one easy dashboard. Track sends, deliveries, views, clicks and interactions and monitor the results of any campaign across any channel.

  • Exportable analytics
  • Drill down to the messages that have been sent to any device or user
  • Track user interactions
Track customer activity
Photo of Dylan BaskinQwilr logo

“This is a game-changer for complex audience segmentation; so much time gets sunk into keeping multiple systems synced with the same data to define audiences. Being able to centralise on a single source of truth for data, and have Vero Connect read directly is a big step forward.”

Dylan Baskin CEO at Qwilr


Emails that match your core product UX

Design and build your custom layouts using the intuitive drag and drop interface. Send newsletters faster with direct SQL access to your data.

  • No code email design
  • Save your designs as reusable templates
  • No Vero SDKs or libraries needed to send
Emails that match your core product UX


Connect to data at the source for tighter product integration

Built to be fully scalable. Switch out parts of your stack without rebuilding or dismantling entire systems.

  • Vero sits as a neat layer directly on top of your data warehouse
  • Better long term scalability and flexibility
  • Modular approach to building tech stack
SQL query screen


Out-of-the-box design

Our drag and drop content editor gives everyone the ability to design and build beautiful emails, without writing a line of code.

  • Easily send product updates and announcements
  • Save time with reusable templates
Responsive templates


No more duplicate data

Eliminate duplicate data by connecting to the data you already store.

  • Access data through one unified data pipeline
  • Increase trust in your data
  • No more out-of-sync data
SQL query screen
Photo of Grant ShaddickTella logo

“Vero is awesome. I switched to them last year after getting sick of Mailchimp's interface and complexity.”

Grant Shaddick Founder at Tella
Photo of Luke ThomasFriday logo

“We dropped Hubspot marketing to use Vero Connect instead. This venture-backed remote work app is excited to stop wrangling data between systems.”

Luke Thomas Founder at Friday

Engineering and operations

Built to scale

Connect directly to your own CRM data, wherever it lives. Whether in a Central Data Warehouses like Snowflake, Redshift or BigQuery, platforms like Airtable, or applications like Google Sheets.

  • Bring or connect any data source
  • No javascript needed
  • No need to sync or resync user data
Baseless building blocks

Engineering and operations

A more compliant way to manage data

Accessing user data directly gives you more control over how you meet your data privacy requirements.

  • Store data in fewer places
  • More control over who, and how, your data is accessed
  • No more mismatched data or two-way data syncs
Manage data compliantly

Engineering and operations

Streamline your costs with usage based pricing

Pricing that aligns with your actual usage. Vero Connect doesn't store your user data so we don't have to charge you for it.

  • Pricing that aligns with your actual usage
  • Vero Connect doesn't store your user data so we don't have to charge you for it
  • First 20,000 messages free
  • Only pay for what you use each month
Streamline your costs

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Built for modern data pipelines

The best place for your customer data to live is in a database you control. Baseless Marketing Software simply reads from your database rather than syncing and copying your user data across to the vendor's database.

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