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Some amazing happy customers

A few reasons why Vero is trusted by so many leaders

  • 35%SaaS ActivationA/B Testing
    Lifecycle email is super important to our business. From day one we’ve sent emails to our customers to increase user engagement and activity. Vero helps us A/B test ideas rapidly and make our emails even more targeted with very little effort.
    Alan Downie, BugHerd
  • 27%Repeat purchasesAutomated campaigns
    Vero allows us to go beyond the standard ‘cart abandonment’ campaigns that you see. Our customers receive truly personalised content each and every time we email them based on their on-site interactions. You can’t beat that!
    Joel Pinkham, Shoes of Prey
  • 20MTargeted MonthlyAutomated campaigns
    Vero makes it easy for us to deploy, manage and measure complex campaigns across 11 different languages and multiple mobile and online games with ease. Our marketing team would waste hours without it.
    Jan Miczaika, Wooga

The email platform that builds individual profiles for each customer, Vero helps you send the right email at the right time

Automate emails using your customers’ on-site activity

Vero uses Javascript and a real-time API to track who is on your website, what pages they are viewing and when they take critical steps in your customer lifecycle.

This data is collated in Vero and you can use our visual rule builder to setup complex automated campaigns without writing code or nightly scripts. By automating your most successful email campaigns you can send targeted emails at the right time, all the time, increasing conversions consistently.

A/B test your newsletter, behavioral and transactional campaigns

Learning which subject line, from address, body copy or template your customers relate to best is what defines a great marketer.

A/B testing is important for allof your email campaigns and testing newsletters, behavioral and transactional emails is made simpler with Vero. Add multiple variations to any campaign, define a split percentage and measure the results.

Use your data in outgoing emails for a personal touch

You can capture as much data as you want about your customers and add it to their individual profiles in Vero, without restriction. From their first name to their location to which products they viewed or features they’ve used, you can use these details in your outgoing emails using a flexible templating language.

Vero also provides more advanced features allowing you to get JSON and HTML data from your own webserver and insert it in each individual outgoing email. This gives you the power to do some truly remarkable personalisation and customization.

All your campaigns
All of your emails in one place

Vero gives you the power to create and update all of your email marketing campaigns including transactional campaigns, behavioral campaigns and manual newsletters.

This means your team can make changes rapidly and improve on their results without pushing code or logging into multiple tools. Take your email to the next level with Vero.

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