Welcome to the Vero Roadmap Tree

Based on customer feedback and our vision for the future, this tree shows the features we are planning.

Features are marked as In Progress where work has already commenced and Scheduled where the work has been explicitly scheduled.

All features shown in this roadmap will be rolled out in a new, improved Vero interface that we're calling Vero 2.0. Features marked as Done are also already usable in our Vero Connect product.

Features also marked as either New or UX/Improvement. "New" features are functionality Vero has never had before and "UX/Improvement" denotes improved versions of features that already exist in either Vero Connect or Vero Cloud. You can read more about how we're releasing new features as part of our 2024 roadmap release blog post.

While not shown here, all the features you already use in Vero Cloud will continue to be supported, and we will work over time to include them all in the Vero 2.0 product. We will also continue to support the current Vero Cloud UI as we roll out the Vero 2.0 UI.

If you don't see something you want on the tree, visit feedback.getvero.com to add or vote for a feature. We review this feedback and add to the tree on a quarterly basis.


Roadmap Tree

What is this?
Group 3 Team Members Done UX / IMPROVEMENT Drag and Drop Editor Done UX / IMPROVEMENT Basic Campaign Reporting Done UX / IMPROVEMENT Subscription Tracking Done UX / IMPROVEMENT CSV Audiences Done NEW Customers Scheduled UX / IMPROVEMENT Event Schema Scheduled UX / IMPROVEMENT Event Trigger Scheduled UX / IMPROVEMENT Workflows Scheduled UX / IMPROVEMENT Smart Campaigns NEW SQL Audiences Done NEW Recurring Trigger Done NEW Mobile Push Scheduled UX / IMPROVEMENT Projects and Organisation UX / IMPROVEMENT Folders NEW Custom HTML Block Done NEW Project-level Reporting NEW Import / Export Subscribers UX / IMPROVEMENT Public API In Progress NEW Custom Channels NEW Timezone Sends UX / IMPROVEMENT Enters Audience Trigger Scheduled NEW Email Activity Trigger NEW Visual SQL Audience Builder NEW Visual CDP Audience Builder UX / IMPROVEMENT Import Cloud Segments Scheduled UX / IMPROVEMENT SMS Beta NEW User Roles & Permissions UX / IMPROVEMENT Editable Columns NEW Dark Mode Controls NEW Global Variables NEW Conditional Sections NEW Advanced Reporting NEW Subscription List Management NEW In-App Notifications NEW Audiences Account and Settings Email Content Reporting Subscriptions Platform Channels Campaigns Data Saved SQL Audiences Scheduled NEW Saved Query Variables NEW Triggers Campaign Type Delivery Options Schedule Trigger Done UX / IMPROVEMENT Single Message Done UX / IMPROVEMENT Cloud (Customer Data Platform) Connect (External data connections) Google Sheets Done NEW PostgreSQL Done NEW Redshift Done NEW Snowflake Done NEW Airtable NEW MySQL Done NEW MSSQL Done NEW Big Query Done NEW Segment.com UX / IMPROVEMENT Databases Connected Apps Email Done UX / IMPROVEMENT Send in Batches Done UX / IMPROVEMENT Vero 2.0 Transactional Sends Done UX / IMPROVEMENT