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Join us on our journey to give customer-facing teams the tools to create compelling experiences.

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Team at Sydney
Chris Hexton

Give customer-facing teams tools to create compelling experiences

We build fundamental business software that helps marketing teams do more, for less. Our products are built on three foundational principles: connect to source data, marketing operations is a center of excellence and build for the end user.

Happy teams create success

We believe that happy teams are key to a successful business. Our culture is built on positivity and trust. We aim to create a workplace with room for personal growth as we constantly raise our ambitions for the future.

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    Work at scale

    Make the opportunity to tackle the challenges that come with serving hundreds of millions of end-users with mission-critical services, 24/7.

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    Build quality products

    Quality matters. When we do something at Vero we strive do it properly. The road to long term success is paved with great products and sound processes.

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    Opportunities to grow

    We believe in growing and moving forward — as a company and as individuals. Our goal is to give you the challenges and space to acquire new knowledge and skills that make you a better human.

There's nothing more satisfying than cracking a hard problem for a customer. At Vero I get to work side by side with some of the best companies in the industry, where every day is different.

Reba Moyes

Reba Moyes
Every day I get the chance to work with amazing people to help improve what is a mission critical product for many of our customers. Our customers are very passionate about what they do so each new release makes a difference.

Rory Colsell

Product Design
Rory Colsell

Not just work life, real life

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    Embracing global culture and opportunity, team members at Vero come from all over the world. We have built our business with remote work as a core parameter.

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    We know people have different needs and work in different ways. We believe in asynchronous work and invest in processes that enable you to work the way that suits you.

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    Equal parental leave policy

    Our parental leave policy provides any parent four months paid leave. We believe that this is critical to creating equal opportunities for women in the workplace.

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    Pre-determined salary matrices

    We benchmark our salaries to Sydney, Australia and maintain salary matrices to help remove bias from the remuneration process. This is designed to create a more equal workplace for all.

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    Yearly full-team conference

    Once a year we get together somewhere challenging and inspiring. For our last trip we went to Vietnam, we had a blast!

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    A genuine team

    Join a group of kind and motivated people who work hard and genuinely care about each others' wellbeing.

Working toward 50/50

Vero is an equal opportunity employer. We are a participant in programs like Project F's Program 50/50 and are endorsed by Australia's Work180. These programs help us identify underlying systemic and environmental issues that are known to derail women in careers in technology so that we can address them head on and create a truly equal workplace

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Team photo at Sydney
Team photo at Sydney
Team photo at Sydney
Team photo at Sydney

See where you fit in

We're not hiring right now. If you think you'd be a good addition to our team, please drop us a line at hello@getvero.com.