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We believe data is changing our world

Collecting realtime data and using it responsibly to create products and messages that deliver more value is the key to success for the next generation of products. At Vero, you'll help Product Teams harness the power of their data to create message and product experiences that matter.

Be empowered to do your best work

  • work on hard problems

    Work on hard problems

    Smart people should work on the hardest problems. At Vero, you'll have the opportunity to tackle the kind of challenges that make work interesting.

  • Make an impact

    Make an impact

    We believe in quality over quantity. As a young company with a growing team you will have the opportunity to make a big impact on all aspects of Vero.

  • Opportunities to grow

    Opportunities to grow

    We believe in growing and moving forward, as a company and as individuals. Our goal is to enable you to seek the knowledge and learn the skills that make you a better human.

Live to work, not the other way around

We believe that happy teams are the key to a powerful business. At Vero we are an empowered group of people who accomplish a lot. By helping each other to overcome any challenge that comes our way we have built a company that thrives on trust, positivity and a pinch of adventure.

Not just work life, real life

  • Remote-first


    Embracing global culture and opportunity, you are free to live and work where you want in the world, whether it's our HQ in Sydney, or a cabin in the woods.

  • Flexible hours


    We know people have different needs and work in different ways. We believe in asynchronous work and invest in processes that enable you to work the way that suits you.

  • Yearly adventures

    Yearly Adventures

    Once a year we go on a team retreat somewhere exciting, challenging and inspiring. For our last trip we went to Thailand, we had a blast!

  • Health conscious

    Health Conscious

    We believe in a healthy working environment. Sit-stand desks are provided, healthy snacks are on offer and our global team regularly discusses their exercise.

  • Team activities

    Team Activities

    From doing the Friday crossword to running and indoor climbing, we flex our brains and bodies in different ways, always with a little competition thrown in.

Be where you want to be

Living and traveling to different countries is a valuable and pleasurable part of life. At Vero, you are free to live and work wherever you want. We hire from countries around the world and we encourage people to travel and try something new. Here’s some of the locations Vero team members currently reside:

  • Sydney, Australia



  • Florida, USA



  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong

  • Brisbane, Australia



  • Amsterdam, Netherlands



  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Los Angeles


See where you fit in

Join us on our mission to empower businesses to put their data to work to create great product experiences.

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