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Design beautiful emails

Help your team deliver great looking and highly engaging emails to every device without writing a line of code.

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Beautiful emails in minutes, from scratch

Enable your team to build the content they need by creating a library of common snippets that can be placed in your templates on the fly.

Beautiful emails dragging Beautiful emails in minutes

Templates that work everywhere

Easily design and build templates that work across all major devices and clients responsively. With our drag and drop editor there's no need to know HTML and all it's quirks.

Templates that work everywhere

Directly edit your content

Our WYSIWYG editor gives each member of your team the ability to edit the content of each campaign without worrying about breaking the look and feel of your templates.

Keep campaigns consistent

Easily personalize your messages

Extend your personalisation with powerful Liquid templating language. Use dynamic variables throughout your drag-and-drop template with the click of a button.

Personalizing your messages

And more features

  • Template defaults

    Keep your templates on-brand by setting default colors and fonts.

  • Dynamic content

    Easily personalise by inserting customer data into your templates with Liquid.

  • Starting templates

    Start from scratch or select one of our professionally designed templates as a starting point.


    What you see is what you get. The content you're editing is exactly what your customers will see.

More features

Coming soon

  • Data inspector

    Data inspector

    Preview your campaigns with real data to see how exactly they'll look for your customers.

  • Reusable blocks

    Reusable blocks

    Create a library of common snippets that can be placed in your templates on the fly.

  • Exporting


    For more advanced control, easily export and edit your templates as HTML.

  • Importing


    Import your existing MJML templates and edit them visually.

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