The messaging platform that scales personalization

Automation scales when you can't

Your customers never sleep — they're 24/7, 365 and global. Use automation to extend your team's reach and communicate with all of your customers, at any scale.


Trigger workflows based on customer activity, automate decisions and send messages across multiple channels, all using a visual, drag-and-drop UI.

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Recurring newsletters

Power weekly summaries, daily news feeds, lists of your latest products and more using recurring newsletters and dynamic segmentation.

Customers, not lists

Create one, rich, central view of each customer. Reduce duplication, create audiences faster and have confidence in what your customers are seeing.

Custom attributes

Attributes enable you to store customer inputs, demographic data, subscription preferences and more.

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Activity tracking

Keep a record of what your customers do (and don't do) on both your site and in your product.

Integrations along with our JavaScript, Ruby, Python and other libraries make powerful activity tracking simpler.

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Segment your customers

Create, save and use dynamic groups of customers based on their attributes and web, product and email activity.

Segment your customers

Dynamic data feeds

Pull data at the time your message is sent from internal or public APIs and personalize what your customers see at a whole new level.

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A workflow the whole team can use to message customers

Separate message design from message scheduling. An easy-to-use UI to create, edit and deploy messages to your customers.

Message design

Manage message designs centrally across any channel for both automated and manual campaigns.

Point-and-click email design makes creating emails a powerful and confident process.

Personalize messages with dynamic data and templating

Bring the full power of the Liquid templating language to your campaigns and ensure your messages are personal.

Make including dynamic data like first_name and last_name a breeze. Use powerful if, else and case statements to fully customise content or templates.

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Talk to customers in their language

Create a message variant in any language, for any campaign.

Vero automatically sends each customer the right language variant wherever it's available.

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Iterate and A/B test your messages

Don't guess what works: test it. Built-in tools to test manual and automated campaigns.

A/B testing

Allows you to rigorously test message subject lines, content and timing across one-off campaigns and workflow automations.

Simple reporting that also lets you dive deep

Track send, delivery, open and click rates by campaign, variation, language and more.

Define the conversion activity for every campaign and track the number of customers that convert after seeing, receiving or clicking your campaign.

Use our webhooks or integrations with Stitch, Segment and others to send a copy of everything that happens in Vero to your data warehouse.

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Reach your customers where they are

Every customer and every message is different. Reach your customers via email, push and other channels to make sure your message is heard.


Using our drag-and-drop editor you can build great looking, mobile responsive emails, visually. Built on top of the powerful MJML rendering engine, you can import, export and reuse full HTML templates with ease.

Use our sending infrastructure or BYO via integrations with Sendgrid, Mailgun, Mandrill and Mailjet.


A visual UI that makes creating iOS and Android push messages simpler for everyone on the team. Add the subject, body content and images at the click of a button.

Via our integrations with AWS SNS and Twilio you can send messages to customers on any iOS or Android device.

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SMS Coming soon

Message your entire customer base as easily as if you were texting a friend.

Via our integrations with Twilio, Messagebird and others you can send messages to customers anywhere in the world from one simple-to-use interface.

Our integrations

Built from the ground up to work with the modern data stack, Vero respects your data.

Data in

Data out

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Add your data to Vero from sources like Segment or Zapier.

Pipe activity data to your tools using our integrations and webhooks.

Vero helps marketing and engineering teams scale personalized customer messaging

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