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Emails that can talk to APIs

Load data from its origin for greater accuracy and flexibility.

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emails that can talk to APIs

Load data from its source

Use APIs to access data where it originates: databases, data models or third party platforms

load data from its source
  • Connect an API endpoint

    Add an external data source URL to an email using Vero's data inspector. To load specific user or event data, Vero can pass identifying attributes with every API request.

  • Add data to emails using Liquid

    Data is loaded for access via Liquid tags, enabling you access the full JSON object and insert attributes (or HTML) into your email content, just like this: {{external.user_region}}.

Example API endpoint


Email as a true extension of your product

Fusion leverages the data powering your product on-site, enabling you to craft superior interactions off-site.

  • Recommendations


    Access data models and insert dynamically calculated product recommendation emails tailored specifically to each customer.

  • Dynamic data and charts

    Dynamic Data & Charts

    Pull complex data structures or even fully rendered HTML charts to deliver unique weekly updates with usage details to each customer.

  • Delightful details

    Delightful Details

    Impress your users with personalised enriched data pulled from services like OpenWeather, Clearbit and more.

  • Access live data

    Access live data

    Spend less time normalizing your data and building push-based data pipelines. With Fusion, you can access the most accurate data, when you need it.

  • Smart caching

    Smart caching

    Fusion caches content as efficiently as possible. It loads all the permutations and keeps them on hand for the duration of your send.

  • Works with third party APIs too

    Works with third party APIs too…

    Delight your customers by enriching your emails with data pulled from any number APIs.

  • Multiple Authentication Methods

    Multiple Authentication Methods

    Fusion supports several common authentication methods to give you fast and easy access to your APIs.
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Built to Scale

As your business grows, Vero scales with you. Concentrate on designing product experiences you customers love and let us handle delivering them, whether you have just one customer or 100 million.

Built to scale

Vero helps marketing and engineering teams scale personalized customer messaging

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