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Sync data from data warehouses into Vero using Hightouch

Use your Snowflake, Big Query or other databases to update your customer data Vero for improved personalisation and data accuracy.

Connect your Hightouch Integration

Activate your data and sync it with Vero

Integrating Hightouch with Vero gives you a way to sync the data you have stored in your data warehouse with Vero, helping make sure your campaigns are using up-to-date and accurate customer data for segmentation and personalisation.

With Hightouch you can create data models of your warehouse data using SQL, DBT or Looker so that any updates you make to the underlying data will automatically be reflected in Vero.

If your team has already setup a data warehouse and are spending time and effort keeping that data in sync with your marketing platform, this integration is one to check out.

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What is Hightouch?

Hightouch is a data integration tool and CDP alternative that syncs data from data warehouses into SaaS tools. Create audience models and sync live data to your sales, marketing, and customer success tools in minutes, no engineering effort needed.

Use data from your data warehouse in Vero