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Synchronise smart segments from InnerTrends to Vero

InnerTrends automatically creates smart segments of your users using your data. Synchronise these segments to Vero.

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Powerful insights and modelling, without a dedicated data science team

InnerTrends is guided product analytics software that gives you the specific foundations you need to setup and track accurate, reliable user tracking.

Once you're capturing data, InnerTrends is able to automatically do sophisticated attribution tracking and generate enagement scores and churn predictions. This enables teams of any size to get powerful and usable data without having a dedicated data sciencist.

Using InnerTrends' Vero integration you can send the data InnerTrends generates to Vero to use to segment and personalize your messages.

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What is InnerTrends?

InnerTrends is an out-of-the-box product analytics package for software companies. Through opinionated data collection it automatically generates segments, cohort analysis and many other powerful insights into your data, without you doing extra work.

InnerTrends guides you on your analytics journey