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Send your user data from RudderStack to Vero

Use RudderStack to stream data from any platform—including mobile apps, websites, servers, and SaaS applications—and transform that data in real time before sending it to Vero Cloud to trigger personalized marketing communications.

Connect your RudderStack Integration

Stream real-time user data to Vero using RudderStack

Using RudderStack's customer data platform (CDP) you can collect and stream real-time data from your web and mobile applications and hundreds of cloud vendors straight into to Vero.

RudderStack also gives you the power to stitch and transform user data and to enforce data governance standards throughout the entire pipeline your user data is clean and usable. With an open-source platform and native data warehouse integrations, RudderStack is a powerful, cost-effective way to build real-time user data pipelines.

Get going faster: send data to Vero in one click

Vero natively supports all of RudderStack's user tracking functionality, enabling you to identify users into Vero using RudderStack's web and mobile SDKs. Sending data to Vero is as simple as activating the Vero Destination in RudderStack's UI.

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What is RudderStack?

RudderStack is an open-source, data warehouse-first customer data platform (CDP). It connects to hundreds of data sources and destinations to empower your team to use all of your user data to segment and personalize your messages.

RudderStack helps you build a single view of your users