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Send marketing messages directly from your Snowflake data warehouse

Connect directly to your Snowflake data warehouse from Vero Connect and use your product and customer data to define audiences and personalize the content of your messages without syncing a copy of your raw user data.

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Get more from your data with Vero and Snowflake

Connecting Vero directly to a Snowflake database gives marketers the ability to build granular, dynamic audiences using the data their business already has, avoiding the need to set up new data pipelines to sync that data. This is a powerful way to create rich segments without additional, complex integrations or unnecessary duplication between destinations. Combining Vero Connect with Snowflake's powerful, cloud-native data warehouse enables businesses to send more personalized emails and messages: no syncing is required.

The best of data and marketing

Fast moving teams will appreciate the simplicity of sending messages with Vero Connect. Simply connect to your Snowflake database, define your audience, write your content and hit send. It's as simple as that. Vero Connect provides the tools you need to send great messages quickly and without the fuss and frustration of copying and syncing data between customer data platforms and marketing platforms.

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What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a data warehouse built for the cloud. Snowflake delivers performance, simplicity, concurrency and affordability.

Send emails using Snowflake data