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The simple way to send your multi-language emails

Send multiple language variations inside a single campaign. That's it, no fancy-pants stuff.

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The simple way to send your multi-language emails

Just add content, we do the rest

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    Add a Language Variation

    Every campaign can have multiple content variations. Add as many as you need.

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    Select a language

    Choose the language that you want to send. Vero automatically checks every one of your customers for the ‘locale’ property and sends the right variation to each individual.

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    Add HTML

    Paste in your translated HTML code to the language variation, or use our rich text editor. You can change what ever you like in each variation and use Liquid and Fusion just like normal.

Launch the campaign and the right variation will be sent to the right user when your email is sent.

Just add content, we do the rest

How does it work?

Vero reserves the locale user property to keep track of each customer's language preference. This means you can easily define the version each customer will receive, simply by setting their locale using the IETF language codes. For example, Spanish would be es. When you send a campaign, we automatically make sure that each content variation is sent to the right customer.

Read our multi language campaigns help doc.

How does it work?

Track your customers language like this

// Do this every time you update your customer data
  id:    '123',
  email: 'damienb@getvero.com',
  data:  {
    locale: 'fr-FR'

Learn more about tracking events and adding new customers at developers.getvero.com.

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