Track the true performance of your email campaigns

Understand which of your email campaigns engage customers and drive revenue.

View and analyze essential email results

  • Monitor the overall results for key email campaign metrics

  • Chart and export day-by-day metrics for all your campaigns

  • Understand how each email within a series drives different results

  • Review results from one campaign to the next, ensuring consistency and stability

Compare the results of A/B tests and different language variations.

See exactly which links in your emails are getting the most traction.

Access the insights important to your business

Joining up your email campaign data with the rest of your customer data, such as internal application usage and payment information, will give you a more complete and specific picture of the results your campaigns drive.

Vero’s integrations with Stitch Data and Segment allow you to extract, transform and load (ETL) all of the data that Vero generates from your campaigns to Redshift, Google Big Query and other data stores with “one-click”.

Send a webhook for all of the data that originates from a Vero campaign

Generate insights from a complete view of your customer data

Using a BI tool, like Mode Analytics, you can query all your customer data and build custom reports that can give you the insights important to your specific business.

Put your data first and craft better customer experiences

Create a free account, import your data and see how Vero can help your team.

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