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Drip campaigns for media companies

Act on user activity, automate decisions and send multi-channel messages in real time.

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What is drip campaigns?

Drip campaigns are a form of email marketing that involves sending a series of pre-written messages to customers or prospects over time.

These messages are triggered by an action or actions taken by the recipient, such as signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase or showing interest in a product or service.

The aim of drip campaigns is to keep users engaged by providing them with relevant, valuable information at optimal times, thereby guiding them through the customer journey towards a desired action, like making a purchase or upgrading a service. This method allows businesses to maintain continuous communication with their audience, nurturing leads and building strong, long-lasting relationships.

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Media companies

Why does it matter for media companies?

Whether it's the insightful journalism of The New York Times, the edgy storytelling of VICE, the magical worlds brought to life by Disney, or your own burgeoning media company, the success of your business fundamentally relies on one thing: repeat user engagement.

But here's the rub; even the most captivating content can see a dip in consumption. When this happens, not just eyes, but revenue takes a hit too. In a landscape with so much digital entertainment, investing in ways to maintain user engagement is critical. Vero's marketing automation software is built specifically build to help marketers use data to drive continued user engagement.

Reach your audience seamlessly whether they're scrolling through their inbox or checking notifications on their mobile device. Email campaigns, SMS bursts, iOS/Android push notifications: we can help you deliver them all. Our aim is to help you craft a user experience that goes beyond the constraints of your own web and mobile platforms, reaching your audience no matter where they are.

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Not just another drip campaigns platform

Vero's drip campaigns software is designed for modern marketing teams to send personalised marketing messages that lead to better customer experiences.

  • Drag and drop your way to beautiful emails

    Drag and drop your way to beautiful emails

    Our no code drag and drop editor allows you to build beautiful emails every time.

  • Templates that look good in every inbox

    Templates that look good in every inbox

    Professionally designed templates for every occasion. Send great looking emails to every device.

  • Go from idea to inbox faster

    Go from idea to inbox faster

    No complex integrations or API connections. Simply design an email, add an audience and send.

  • Up-to-date content personalization

    Up-to-date content personalization

    Use your most accurate data store to customise and personalize every message.

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All the tools you need to engage your customers

Vero Connect is built for the modern data stack. It has all the features you'd expect from a marketing automation platform, without the need to store customer data.

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“Vero is a game changer for us. Email has traditionally only been able to operate as a communication channel but Vero Connect actually enables us to treat email as an extension to the UI and core product itself.”

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