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Understanding CDPs: Key Platforms and Selecting the Ideal Solution

If there’s one thing that digital companies are moving further and further towards to engage customers, it’s personalization. After all, everywhere we look, from online shopping to social media platforms, we’re being targeted with information and products we’re promised are tailored to us personally.

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How to Build the Perfect Product Marketing Team Structure

Undeniably, dabbling in the world of product marketing presents unique challenges, but along with them, it brings remarkable opportunities. Get it right, and your business can see outstanding levels of growth and success. Get it wrong and, well, it can be incredibly costly on all fronts.

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Must-Have Features of a Customer Engagement Platform (CEP)

A Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) is channel-agnostic software that fine-tunes customer interactions by automating personalized messages and notifications across multiple platforms. It acts as a universal key to a multitude of channels, ensuring seamless customer experiences and improving overall engagement.

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