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Vero Integration With Snowflake

Vero Integration With Snowflake

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Snowflake for Vero Connect makes it possible for users to query their data directly from their Snowflake database and send Newsletters to their customers.

Over the last few months Snowflake has begun to champion “Data Applications”. Snowflake “Connected Applications” are SaaS applications like Vero Connect that connect directly to, and use the data in, your Snowflake data warehouse.

Connecting Vero directly to a Snowflake database gives marketers the ability to build granular, dynamic audiences using the data their business already has, avoiding the need to set up new data pipelines to sync that data. This is a powerful way to create rich segments without additional, complex integrations or unnecessary duplication between destinations.

Combining Vero Connect with Snowflake’s powerful, cloud-native data warehouse enables businesses to send more personalized emails and messages: no syncing is required.

Why access your Snowflake data directly

Vero Connect is built for the “modern data stack”: unlike traditional marketing software, Vero Connect doesn’t store or sync user data. Connect sits as a neat layer on top of your existing data warehouse.

Accessing Snowflake data directly has many advantages for marketers. Key benefits include:

  • Eliminate data silos. Accessing data directly cuts out the need to maintain data pipelines from third-party marketing tools.
  • Faster setup. No javascript tracking or complex data syncing required. Easily get set up without needing data or engineering teams.
  • More granular segmentation and personalization. Harness the full flexibility of SQL to create granular segments and audiences using your live customer data.
  • Save money. Because we’re not storing your user data, we don’t charge you data storage fees. This means you only pay for messages sent and not data stored.
  • Safer. Querying data directly gives you more control over how your data is accessed.
  • Reduced data sprawl. Confidently access data directly from your data warehouse without syncing between multiple tools and data stores.

How does the Snowflake Integration work?

  1. Claim your free Vero Connect account.
  2. Design an email with the drag-and-drop editor, drop-in raw HTML or send something more personal using the rich text editor.
  3. Add an external database and enter your database credentials.
  4. Use the SQL editor to run a query and view the results.
  5. Import query results into the audience of your newsletter and personalize your message with the data.
  6. Send and track.

What is Vero Connect?

Vero Connect is a data-first customer engagement platform built for modern product/marketing teams. Our platform sits as a layer on top of your modern data stack. By not storing customer data, we make it easier to leverage the data you already have.

Our core difference is that you can build hyper-personalized segments by connecting directly to your data warehouse. There are no engineering bottlenecks or complex integrations to sync data over to our product and we’ve totally removed the need for multiple customer data silos.

To learn more about using your Snowflake data to power your email marketing, visit our or book a demo with our team.

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