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New Product Feature: Manage Your Own Email Signing

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Domain Signing is about linking your domain to your outgoing emails.

When you sign up to Vero, by default your emails will be sent from our shared domain and IP addresses. This is actually very positive for a number of reasons. Primarily, we send a lot more email than you so getting started and dealing with fluctuations is something you don’t have to worry about, another few hundred thousands sends won’t make a dent in our overall volume.

One side-effect is that, by default, you’ll also see this:

If you’d rather things looked like this:

…or you want to upgrade and use your own IPs (we’ll tell you when we think this is appropriate, so feel free to ask) then you need to setup email authentication.

What is ‘Email Authentication’ ?

The purpose of Email Authentication is to validate the identity of the sender of the email.

The idea is to prove that your emails aren’t forgeries by showing you own the domain.

There are a few different authentication types and Vero supports three main methods:

  1. Sender ID
  2. DKIM
  3. SPF

Why should I do this?

As described above, by default your emails are signed by Vero.

If you need your own series of IP addresses because you are a high volume or at risk customer then setting up authentication is a must.

If you simply want to remove ‘via getvero.com’ from your emails then that is alright too!

How to setup this authentication with Vero?

To date most customers who want authentication have asked for it and we’ve set it up promptly.

Moving forward you can now manage your own authentication via the Account page.

Simply visit the Mail Provider section, add your domain name (e.g. mydomain.com) and click on “Request DNS records”.

A few seconds later you’ll have the DNS records you need to verify your outgoing emails.

After making the change to your server settings with these, just press “Verify Records” to ensure correctness.

That’s it

What do you think of this new feature?

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