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Product Update: Better Email Preview and Expanded Segments

Product Update: Better Email Preview and Expanded Segments

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Over the last 10 days we’ve released three great new features that will help you use Vero faster and more intelligently every day.

There’s lots more coming so stay tuned over the next two months.

Customer data and in-browser previews

When previewing emails in the past Vero would automatically select a customer and use their properties to replace any dynamic variables in your email.

You can now select the customer whose data you want to use in your templates when sending a preview:

Dynamic variables in email preview

If you had a template like this:

dynamic variables email


…it’d render like this:



This feature makes it easy for you to test different permutations of a campaign, particularly if you want to test what it will look like for customers without a particular property (which is why you should always use a fallback).

You can also now preview emails directly in your browser. This feature has been on the cards for far too long so we’re glad to say it’s now here. You can preview emails via the Actions drop down next to your campaign:



You can also preview in browser whilst editing the campaigns, really helpful if you’re using a template.



Note that all previews, including in-browser previews, pull through external data if you’re using our external attributes features to enhance your campaigns.

Expanded segments

Prior to last week our segments didn’t have the full set of conditions that our automated campaigns have. Segments grew out of customer feedback to make groups of customers more distinct and to help use the same conditions time and again.

Thanks to this latest update our segments now have the full set of conditions you know and love:



This means your segments can now house all of your conditions, allowing you to send newsletters that are more targeted and to make your automated campaigns clearer than ever before.

If you have any suggestions or questions about these features, please send us an email via support@getvero.com. If you want to see them in action, sign up for a free trial or login to your account. The new segments, in particular, are extremely powerful. Check them out.

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