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Confidently send emails using real-time data
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Confidently send emails using real-time data

Today we’re happy to announce that our new event manager is available to all customers. This whole new Events section in Vero gives you the ability to view and analyze your incoming event data.

Design email campaigns with placeholder events

With Vero’s event manager, you can use placeholder events to build and test triggered email campaigns before integrating code into your website or application. This offers you a more streamlined process, allowing marketing teams to design personalized customer journeys and then collaborate with engineering to rapidly implement them.

Test an event and debug automated emails

You can now simulate user activity by triggering test events for any customer profile in your Vero account. This new testing functionality provides you with full visibility of how user activity triggers your campaigns, giving you complete confidence that your customers will receive the right emails at the right time.

See which events trigger your campaigns

Vero’s event manager makes it easy for you to view recently fired events and their attached properties to make sure your data reflects the personalization in your emails. You can also see events that are no longer firing and the campaigns they’re linked to, helping you debug and troubleshoot campaigns that are not working with greater clarity.

This feature represents our commitment to ensuring your data is transparent and easily accessible in Vero.

More details on Event Manager available here and in our support documentation.

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