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What’s next for Vero: Meet Cloud and Connect

What’s next for Vero: Meet Cloud and Connect

TL;DR We are renaming “Newsletters” to "Vero Connect” and “Workflows” to “Vero Cloud”. These names better reflect the needs these products solve and our long-term direction. Each product has the same focus of delivering better automated customer messaging: the difference is how and where you want to access your customer data. Read on to learn more.

Introducing Vero Cloud and Connect

In 2020, we spoke to scores of customers and had an idea: with more-and-more businesses centralizing their customer data in data warehouses like Snowflake, what would it look like if Vero could connect directly to that data rather than requiring customers to setup regular data syncs to our database? This would enable marketers to access more data, faster and ensure that the data being used was complete and accurate. This would make segmentation and personalization even better. 

In 2021 we developed an MVP of Vero that did just that launched the first version of a new product: “Vero Newsletters”. We also rebranded our core product “Vero Workflows”. At the time, we shared this and our plans for the future of Vero.

Since then we’ve learned that the idea we had a couple of years ago is definitely on the right track. We’re super excited about the progress we’ve made to date! With real customers sending 10s of millions of emails per month through our new product and consistently hearing feedback like “finally, messaging software for the modern data stack” and “this is so neat, this solves so many problems we have with multiple data pipelines” we see strong validation that we’re building something really useful and sustainable.

But, we didn’t get everything right. At the time, we thought those product names best framed our long-term product vision but we’ve since learned from customers that we didn’t nail it: the names “Newsletters” and “Workflows” are a little confusing and don’t fully make clear the key value proposition of each product.

With that in mind, today we are renaming “Newsletters” to "Vero Connect” and “Workflows” to “Vero Cloud”. These names better reflect the direction of our products:

Each product has the same focus of delivering better automated customer messaging: the difference is how and where you want to access your customer data. 

Meet Cloud and Connect

Vero Cloud

Vero Cloud is an evolution of the core messaging product we released ten years ago, currently named “Vero Workflows”.

This all-in-one marketing automation platform combines 360-degree customer data and marketing software in one, easy-to-use platform. With Vero Cloud, your data is stored in Vero’s internal database, what we call a Customer Data Platform (CDP). Using our growing ecosystem of integrations, we make it easy for you to get your customer data into Vero Cloud.

Vero Cloud is a great fit for companies that want to start centralizing and stitching 360 degree customer profiles and don’t have a cloud data warehouse of their own. In-market for 10 years, Vero has established itself as a leader in collecting, storing, segmenting and activating customer data, integrating with the likes of Segment, Tealium, Freshpaint, Zapier, n8n.io and many more products.

If you’re an existing Vero Workflows customers, the next time you log-in to your Vero account, you’ll see the name “Vero Cloud”. 

Vero Connect

Vero Connect, currently named Vero Newsletters, is what we call “marketing automation for the modern data stack”. It has all the features you need and expect from marketing software with the core difference that we don’t store a copy of your customer data in our database. Instead we connect to your database.

Vero Connect is a great fit for businesses and teams that have a robust data warehouse and want to centralize and stitch their customer profiles centrally within that warehouse. 

Vero Connect is built on our belief that, over time, more and more data-enabled organizations will want to own their customer data in their own data warehouse and marketing applications like Vero Connect will simply “read” from that warehouse without needing to store customer data again. 

If you’re an existing Vero Newsletters customer, the next time you log-in to your Vero account you’ll see the name “Vero Connect”. 

The difference is in the data

The difference between Vero Cloud and Vero Connect is how they connect to data. 

Vero Cloud is an all-in-one platform, meaning your customer data and marketing automation UI are in the same platform. 

Vero Connect is essentially a modular, standalone marketing automation UI that runs on top of an existing data source. 

In its simplest form: 

  • With Vero Cloud, you send your data to us. 
  • With Vero Connect, we bring the messaging layer to your data. 

Whether you have CRM data in Google Sheets, Airtable, Segment Personas, Looker, Redshift, Snowflake or anywhere else, Vero Connect plugs into those data sources.

Learn more Vero Cloud and Vero Connect. 

Where we’re going next

We’re super excited about the progress we’ve made on Vero Connect since launching last year. The growing usage, fantastic feedback and support from those in the industry like Benn Stancil from Mode and Jacques Corby-Tuech continue to validate that this is the right next step for data-savvy marketers.

Our core product, Vero Cloud, continues to grow strongly and serve customers worldwide. 

Both Vero Cloud and Vero Connect are a focus for us here at Vero and we have exciting things to announce for both products through the remainder of 2022. 

Each product meets the data needs of different types of business. The future of Vero is about giving customers choice: with Cloud and Connect we’re giving you the choice as to whether you want to store your data with Vero or use your own database. 

We’re excited to share more over the coming months. Stay tuned!

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