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New pricing: more affordable to get started, better value as you scale

New pricing: more affordable to get started, better value as you scale

Over the last several months, with input from many of our customers, we’ve been working toward a new pricing scheme that we believe better aligns with the way businesses use and grow with Vero.

Today we’re releasing our new pricing, available to all new Vero customers. The principles driving our new pricing are outlined below.

Helping more businesses communicate with their customers

We’re lowering our initial plan from a minimum of $125/month to $49/month. Whether you’re sending product updates, marketing promotions or driving product engagement, Vero is useful to product marketers from day one.

Whether you’re a brand new startup or are scaling quickly, we want to help you communicate effectively, and we’re changing our prices to reflect that.

Pay for the features you use, not those you don’t

You shouldn’t have to pay for expensive features like multi-language support if you’re an early stage company, or if you have no need for this functionality at all. Our new pricing packages incorporate both features and usage and, by pricing this way, we’re able to reduce the cost of our entry level plans while providing the resources we need to invest further in enterprise functionality.

This new packaging better aligns with the usage we see across our customer base, and gives you the power to select what functionality is right for your team.

Scale with your usage

Every plan in our new pricing includes a healthy number of customer records, messages and “events tracked” monthly. When you go over these limits we will charge you based on your overage, to the nearest thousand. This ensures that you pay only for the volume you use.

Remain competitive

In the category of powerful, developer-friendly personalized communication tools we’re already significantly cheaper than our competitors. This new pricing ensures we remain competitive on pricing, while enabling us to build a better platform.

We strive to remain independent

We have always believed in building a profitable business so we can remain independent and control our own destiny. This enables us to think long-term, understand the problems we’re solving for and focus on achieving our vision. Over years of data collection we found our old pricing led to scenarios where, not only were some customers paying for functionality they didn’t use, but others were not paying enough — becoming unprofitable and making it difficult for us to deliver the level of service we pride ourselves on. With these changes, we’re able to turn that around.

Our new pricing is now live at www.getvero.com/pricing.

Customers that sign up from today will automatically have the new pricing applied and will be able to select which plan matches their needs.

We’ve invested a lot in researching this change and believe it’s a great step forward for our customers. As always we thank you for your business and your support.

If you have any questions, please email us at support@getvero.com.

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