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Vero joins AirPair Trusted Partner Experts
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Vero joins AirPair Trusted Partner Experts

We’re happy to announce teaming up with AirPair to give you customers a new way to connect with our team and one another when implementing our smarter email marketing platform in your apps.

If you’d like to pair up when setting up Vero check out our Vero Experts page on AirPair. You can book time with our experts to get assistance with your Vero integration via video chat and screen sharing. The focus here is on the technical aspect of getting Vero setup on your website or with your product and we’re excited to make this easier.



Both James and Damien will be available to help you through your Vero integration troubles and, as we find this helps, we’ll expand the number of experts available!

You can read the full details about our collaboration with AirPair on our Trusted Partner Community Experts Page.

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