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Vero Partners With To Help You Improve Your Marketing

Vero Partners With To Help You Improve Your Marketing

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We recently teamed up with the guys at to bring you two great marketing tools with extra value.

All Vero subscribers can get a 60 day free trial of Moz. That’s double the usual trial period, available any time if you follow this link.

If you haven’t heard of Moz, it’s an SEO analytics package that does four things amazingly well:

  1. It tracks all of your inbound channels in one place: search, social and their impact together.
  2. Visualization of what’s important in your inbound strategy.
  3. Competitive insights by comparing you with your competitors.
  4. Actionable recommendations to actually make improvements.

We use Moz at Vero and it is the goods. Powerful at its core but actionable every time.

Get your 60 day trial of Moz, absolutely free.

Better yet, Moz are also offering Vero to all of their Community Members (it’s free to signup) with a 45 day free trial.

Check out the Moz perks page to grab yourself an extended Vero trial while you’re at it.

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