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9 Things You Should Know About Vero’s Email Marketing Platform

9 Things You Should Know About Vero’s Email Marketing Platform

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Recently, one of our loyal blog readers sent us a note that read something like this: “Oh, I didn’t know Vero could do all that!”

We try to keep the blog focused on educational email content and we almost never sell. But today, we want to explain what exactly Vero does since, apparently, we haven’t done a very good job in the past!

If you dig it, why not give Vero a spin? It’s totally free and you can finally put all these good marketing lessons into action.

Here are nine things you can do with Vero.

1. You can send real behavioral emails.

If you’ve ever read the Vero blog before, you know we love behavioral email. It’s the future of email and our users have the ability to trigger emails based on just about any user behavior.

Here are a few examples:

  • The Nudge Email: A customer views a product page twice but doesn’t make a purchase. You can trigger an email with a 24-hour coupon code encouraging them to act immediately.
  • The Replenishment Email: If you sell a product that customers need to buy over and over (say, for example, dog food), you can automatically trigger an email 30 days after a purchase reminding customers to buy again.
  • The Smart Planner Email: Let’s say you run a travel booking site. A customer searches for a hotel over a long weekend but doesn’t book. You can trigger an email to be sent two weeks before the dates they searched for letting them know the listing is still available.
  • The Retention Email: This email works for marketers in just about every vertical. When a user doesn’t take action – i.e. they haven’t logged in, purchased, etc. – trigger an email reminding them to come back and asking how you can help.

And here are some real-life examples on our blog:

Behavioral emails are the lifeblood of lifecycle marketing. We encourage you to check out Samuel Hulick’s post on HelpScout for some great info on lifecycle email.


2. You can send awesome transactional emails.

Transactional emails are hidden gems in the lifecycle email marketing world. People love transactional emails. In fact, they are opened at up to 8x the rate as promotional email. That’s insane.

Vero gives you control over your transactional emails (invoices, receipts, shipping confirmations, account usage, etc.), so you can make them 1) look great and 2) move users closer to your marketing goals.

Now, you can’t sell things in a transactional email – that’s actually illegal – but you can add marketing value to them.

For example:

  • Add a referral code to your email receipts
  • Encourage customer to follow you on Facebook and Twitter in your invoices
  • Include onboarding content in your shipping confirmations so customers can start using your product immediately

Check out The Complete Guide to Transactional Email for tons of examples on this.

3. You can send newsletters, promotions and drip campaigns, too.

Vero is designed for advanced email marketing but our users can still send newsletters, promotional email and drip campaigns. There’s nothing wrong with this type of email marketing, it’s just been abused by so many people.

vero email drip campaign

In our own marketing, we use behavioral emails for onboarding, transactional emails for communication about accounts, newsletters for our blog subscribers, promotional email for special events and drip campaigns for new leads.

Vero is the one tool that can help you send all the emails you need and keep all your data in one place.

4. You can use dynamic segmentation.

Most email platforms have lists: groups that the business can use for broad targeting.

The problem with with lists is that they are static. Our segments, on the other hand, are dynamic. You’ll never have to export a list as .CSV, re-arrange thousands of email addresses and re-upload them. We do all the work for you.

Let’s say, for example, you are Twitter and you’re creating an onboarding campaign. There are four steps new users must take to start using your platform:

  1. Sign up
  2. Complete profile
  3. Follow other users
  4. Send their first tweet

You can create dynamic segments to encourage people to take the next step. Once they do, they’ll enter a new segment encouraging them to take another step forward.

A segment rule might look like these. It says: Include users who have signed up but not completed their profile.

onboarding email marketing segment

You can setup automatic emails to these people and once they complete their profile, they’ll be removed from the segment.

5. You can use external attributes to personalize emails.

External attributes give personalization a whole new meaning.

This feature allows you to insert data from a web server directly into your emails as they are sent.

For example, if you are sending a shopping cart abandonment email, you could use external attributes to include a list of other products in the same price range. See how Target and Airbnb do this.


You can use any data you want to personalize emails and because we don’t pull it until the last second, you can always be sure the data is up-to-date.

Read more about our external attributes feature here.

6. You can keep all your data in one place.

Segment is one of our favorite tools.

Vero is one of a growing number of tools that needs inject a bit of code in your site to collect data. Segment users inject code once and then manage all their tools in Segment. So if you use Vero and MixPanel, you only need one code injection to make both work.

segment data tracking

Check out our integration page here.

7. You can send emails based on the recipients’ time zone.

Vero’s time zone tool means you can email your users at 9am their time, regardless of where they are in the world.

email marketing send in time zone

8. You can have access to some really advanced features.

In addition to sending emails, Vero offers a number of other tools to help maximize delivery, optimize the effectiveness of your emails and analyze your data.

Here are a few other things you can do in Vero:

  • A/B test triggered campaigns
  • Track opens, clicks and conversions
  • Export analytics data
  • Integrate with Google UTM
  • Import custom HTML templates
  • Import users and events via CSV
  • Build embeddable forms
  • Send emails from your own domain
  • Host multiple projects
  • Add team members to your account

9. You can get help from our awesome customer support team.

Our support heroes are real engineers and marketers, and we are so proud of their hard work. We love our customers … reach out anytime (support@getvero.com) with any questions or feedback.

Want to give Vero a try? Sign up for a two-week free trial here.

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