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Best Product Management Software 2023: A Complete List

Having the best product management software can make all the difference to your workflow. Product management tools help product managers navigate the complex landscape of product development and management.

There are several options to choose from, which can get confusing. So, in this post, we will explore the best product management tools and software so you can make the right choice.

But first, here’s a quick summary of this post.


  • Product managment involves overseeing the development and management of a product throughout its lifecycle.
  • Product managers use a range of tools daily to navigate the complex landscape of the job.
  • Success in product management is based on how the customers respond to the product. When customers can easily use the product to solve issues, then the process is successful.
  • Some of the best product management software are:
    • Canny for feature request tracking and road mapping
    • Great Question for customer insight and research – Userbrain for user testing
    • Vero for effective product marketing
    • Amplitude for data analytics
    • HotJar for customer session recording
  • The best product management software streamlines the product manager’s tasks and makes it easy to manage products and services effectively.

What is product management?

Product management is a departmental function that involves the planning, creating, launching and overall management of a product or service.

As technology moves forward and digital products become more and more commonplace, the role of a product manager is evolving. However, at its core, product management is all about creating and managing products that customers love.

Product managers oversee the development and management of a product throughout its lifecycle. They bridge the gap between customers, the business and technology by understanding customer needs, delivering necessary product updates that meet those needs and aligning them with business objectives.

As a product manager, getting from point A to point B is complex. It usually involves carving out a strategy, gathering requirements and building roadmaps, to name a few responsibilities. These professionals collaborate with cross-functional teams using the best product management software to ensure projects stay on track, and assess its performance.

The list goes on — product managers own the product development and management process from start to finish. They follow a product from ideation to inception and all the way through to its launch and customer adoption.

What is “success” in product management?

Success in product management is measured mainly by how customers respond to products. Product managers know they’ve hit the mark when products receive high customer satisfaction levels, boosting customer loyalty and driving engagement.

13 Best Product management Software

Product managers wear many hats. With such a multifaceted role, it’s key to have the right product management tools for various tasks. If you’re a product manager looking to level up, consider adopting the following product management software based on their usage.

Feature request tracking software

Feature requests provide product managers with feedback in the form of comments, messages, and inquiries from customers and team members. They typically focus on new feature suggestions, product ideas and feature enhancements.

Feature request tracking software helps you manage and track incoming requests, ensuring no valuable feedback falls through the cracks.


Canny makes it easy to stay on top of feature requests. It offers an all-in-one platform for collecting and organizing feature requests from customers, team members and internal stakeholders.

Feature request tracking software - Canny

With Canny, product managers can easily analyze feature requests, prioritize user segments, and make data-driven decisions.


Headway offers a straightforward way to update users on new features and improvements. You can build a public changelog page or in-product widgets showcasing all your product changes.

Feature request tracking software - Headway

Product managers need to keep customers, team members and stakeholders in the loop. Headway simplifies the process with scheduled publishing, easy formatting and more.

Roadmapping software

Product roadmaps help guide the development of a product by showing the features and updates that need to be added over time. Roadmapping software enables you to outline the features you plan to implement and the milestones you aim to hit.


Along with feature request tracking, Canny also offers robust roadmapping features. With Canny, product managers can build public roadmaps to show everyone what’s coming next.

Roadmapping software - Canny

Canny offers a clear way for customers and stakeholders to view product roadmaps. They get notified about upcoming product changes, and team members know what’s expected of them.


Product managers and their teams rely on Roadmunk to plan and communicate the direction their products are going in.

Roadmapping software - Roadmunk

They can customize roadmaps to suit specific audiences by pivoting and filtering data in seconds. Planning is seamless with Jira and Azure DevOps integrations and linked items between multiple roadmaps.

Customer insights software

Customer insights software empowers you to better understand your customers with data-driven insight. Product managers can create customer-centric products by analyzing customer behaviours, preferences and needs.

Great Question

Great Question offers everything you need to conduct in-depth UX research to elevate your product development and design.

Customer insights software - Great Question

Product managers can choose from various research methods, such as interviews, surveys, focus groups and more. Adding and tracking incentives is also easy and free, which helps with budgeting.


Dovetail helps product managers get the most out of data from qualitative research. You can easily store customer data, discover key takeaways, and more from one easy-to-use platform.

Customer insights software - Dovetail

Dovetail offers a centralized platform designed for collaboration. Product managers and their teams can analyze user feedback and share insights with ease.

Tools to find research panels

It can be a challenge to find the right participants for research studies. Fortunately, there are a number of helpful tools out there that connect product managers with qualified participants.

Great Question

Great Question’s recruitment tools allow you to find the right research participants in no time and maintain in-depth profiles of them.

Tools to find research panels - Great Question

You can upload a list of participants, seamlessly integrate it with your current database, or even create your own panel of individuals for research purposes.


Userbrain is a user testing platform that offers an easy way to gain insight into users. It allows you to conduct usability tests where users interact with your product and provide feedback on their experience.

Tools to find research panels - Userbrain

With Userbrain, product managers can easily access and filter through over 100K qualified user testers. You can even invite your own testers and schedule regular testing to keep your finger on the pulse.

Product marketing software

Product marketing software empowers product managers to promote and sell their products. With product marketing software, you can manage and automate tasks like tracking the competition, setting campaign goals, etc.


Here at Vero, we’re all about helping you engage with your users. Our all-in-one marketing cloud platform and marketing automation UI makes sending personalized push and email messages a breeze. You can segment your market, gain access to data-driven insight, and more.

Product marketing software - Vero

Creating impactful messages is easy, too – Vero’s drag-and-drop editor takes mere moments to use.


Beamer is a product announcement and changelog platform that helps communicate updates and announcements to users, like new features, product updates and bug fixes.

Product marketing software - Beamer

Its AI Copilot leverages the power of artificial intelligence to enhance your product marketing with insights, automation and tools. Product managers can also measure customer satisfaction and get user feedback with personalized surveys.

Analytics software

Analytics software helps you keep an eye on data while offering valuable insights. Product managers can make data-driven decisions, track product performance, identify areas for improvement, and measure the success of their products.


Amplitude arms product managers with valuable insight into user behaviour. With Amplitude, you can segment your market, roll out tests, and understand exactly what your customers want.

Analytics software - Amplitude

A key part of product management software is A/B testing, and Amplitude delivers. Product managers can compare versions of a product or feature to gauge customer reactions. Advanced analytics capabilities fill in the blanks by offering in-depth insight into user behaviour.


Mixpanel helps break down how users interact with a product. It offers a range of tools and features to track user behavior, analyze data, and gain insight into user engagement, retention, conversion rates, and more.

Analytics software - Mixpanel

With Mixpanel, product managers can perform cohort analysis to understand user retention and engagement over time. They can also create funnels to visualize user journeys and conversion rates.

Customer session recording

Recording and replaying user interactions is a great way to understand user behaviour. Customer session recording makes this possible by capturing the entire user session, including mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, form submissions, and other on-screen actions.


FullStory is all about honing in on the customer experience. It uses analytics to provide insight into user behaviour via a range of powerful tools, like session replay, visual heatmaps and click maps, and more.

Analytics software - Fullstory

Product managers can take the data further by tracking and analyzing user journeys through conversion funnels. They can also search and filter user sessions based on specific criteria to get a handle on insights and issues.


Hotjar offers insight into user behaviour, preferences and pain points. With its features and functionalities, product managers can understand and optimize user interactions.

Analytics software - Hotjar

For example, Hotjar offers form analysis features that help product managers understand user behavior within web forms. They can also receive real-time feedback from users through customizable feedback widgets.

Streamline your product management process

So, there you have it. Stay ahead of the curve, and drive innovation with the best product management software and tools by your side.

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