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Building the future, driven by data

Building the future, driven by data

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With the redesign of our homepage and the release of Fusion today, we’re re-affirming our vision here at Vero to help Product Teams use customer data to create best-in-class email interactions.

Over the coming few months you should see some important updates from us on this blog regarding methodology, product updates and new releases. I invite you to keep up to date with our blog and follow our Release Notes, which will be updated every few weeks.

Vero was founded in 2012 and, initially, our focus was on helping marketers use real time customer activity to power automated email marketing campaigns.

To begin, we developed a software solution that centred on an API to collect your customer activity via a real time event stream and a UI to create automated email campaigns.

The promise was that simple but powerful API libraries would provide marketing with a rich data stream without any real engineering interaction and that Vero’s software would enable them to visually create and manage email content, user segments and automated workflows.

We’ve learned a lot over the intervening four years. Critically, we’ve observed that the organizations who see the best results have Product, Engineering and Marketing Teams that collaborate to develop high-quality emails. In other words, the entire organization is invested in their customers’ experience of their products. These teams work together closely to ensure that data in and emails out are both accurate and reliable.

For these customers, Vero provides a platform for several or more employees from different teams to work together to deploy high quality email experiences: experiences that are heavily data-driven and personalised.

As we look to the future, we want to highlight that Vero is the platform that enables Product, Engineering and Marketing teams to collaborate on product experiences. What we have built today is just the beginning of what we want to build to help teams achieve their goal of providing customers with consistent, personal and valuable experiences of their product(s).

This direction is informed by our vision for Vero: to enable organizations to use their data to deliver products with more utility.

Our new homepage brings clarity to this vision and summarises the approach forward-thinking teams are taking to building high quality email experiences – the approach used by Vero’s best customers.

We’re just getting started. In order to achieve our vision we need to continue to build out tools that help customers achieve:

  • Data accuracy – ensuring complete and accurate data is available for personalisation and modelling, as organizations invest too much time synchronizing and managing the accuracy of their data.
  • Highly available user models – in order to create personalized, valuable product experiences, you have to have data about your customers at the ready, whether they are interacting on-site, in a mobile application or via an email or message.
  • Efficacious customer interactions, at scale – companies are collecting more data and reaching more users than ever before. Ensuring customers have the right experience with accurate data at scale requires a well-defined collaboration and deployment process.

Vero already helps organizations deploy hundreds of millions of valuable email interactions every month and we look forward to working together as we build out the tooling and methodology to help you maintain data accuracy, model your customers and ensure your customer interactions are reliable every time, regardless of your scale.

If you haven’t tried Vero before, or if haven’t visited it in some time, I invite you to create an account and learn more about how we’re helping teams collaborate more effectively to deploy more valuable email experiences.

We’re looking ahead to a fantastic next 12 months – and can’t wait to share updates with you along the way.

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