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Product Updates: March 2022

Product Updates: March 2022

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In March we wrapped up the first eight-week "build cycle" of 2022 and we’ve got a bunch of exciting updates to share.

Let’s get into it.

Say ‘hello’ to our new Help Center

First up: we released a massive overhaul to our Help Center, rebuilding it from the ground up.

From creating new content to updating the UX, it’s now a whole lot easier to find the info you need across both our Workflows and Newsletters products. Articles are split by product, we’ve introduced new sub-categories, the search is more comprehensive and the site loads much, much faster.

Find everything you need to know about:

Performance Improvements for Workflows

We’ve made big updates to the architecture behind our workflows feature. With customers pushing workflows to new heights we continue to work to ensure workflows load and save quickly, even for the most complex user journeys (you may be surprised to learn that the longest workflows have over 200 nodes!)

These changes should solve any saving issues you may have experienced and dramatically improve workflow load times. We’ve got more tweaks to come.

Aside from seeing your workflow canvases load faster you may also notice that email and push content loads when selected. This change enables us to load the overall workflow much faster and ensure any changes that are saved are correctly prioritised and validated.

If you have large or complex workflows, particularly those with multiple A/B tests, you should find loading snappy and saving very smooth.

Workflow Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scheduling for Recurring Newsletters edge case. We fixed a bug related to recurring newsletters scheduled for the 29/30/31 of March (due to February being a short month).
  • Improvements to segment preparation. Added improvements to increase the reliability of segments calculating prior to newsletter schedule times.
  • Unsubscribe finds by “email” when it can’t find by ID. Unsubscribe links match users based on their “id” field. Added a fallback to check for users via “email” for email unsubscribes where an “id” does not match.
  • Add “converted_at” added to “Converted” webhook. Added the “converted_at” field to the Converted web hook.
  • Don’t clone “invalid conditions”. Legacy conditions that are no longer supported are no longer cloned if a campaign is duplicated.
  • Improved scalability of A/B tests. Fixed a bug affecting some customers whereby A/B tests in Workflows were not able to correctly split users passing through.

New Newsletters ‘Home’ screen for faster navigation

We’ve made some tidy UX updates to Vero Newsletters.

This is the first of a series of changes we’ll be rolling out (to both products) to make it easier to design and send really great emails.

Start with a template. It’s now easier to create and send really great emails in minutes Connect data sources faster. Load an audience or connect directly to your data warehouse faster. In-app support requests. You can reach out to support from within the app and access help docs directly.

We’ve also released a Newsletters demo video: the first of a series of videos and tutorials to help you design messages, create custom templates and connect directly to your data platforms to load your audiences.

Newsletters Bug Fixes

  • Improve reliability on small audience imports. Fixed a bug that meant small CSV imports would not “complete” despite having correctly loaded.
  • Fix “copy” button on domain records. Fixed minor bug preventing copying domain DNS and MX records from the UI.

Vero Newsletters and Snowflake Integration

We will be releasing a Snowflake integration that allows Vero Newsletters users to access their Snowflake data directly.

Combining Vero Newsletters with Snowflake’s powerful, cloud-native data warehouse enables marketers to use all of their data to send more personalised emails and messages: no syncing required.

Upcoming Releases (ending May 2022)

We’ve got a number of mid- and long-term projects in the works and our second build cycle for 2022 is underway. Here’s a summary of the projects that should go live by the end of this cycle in mid-May 2022:

Adding "Teams" to Newsletters. Newsletters users will be able to invite others to their Newsletters project. Product Launcher to switch between Newsletters and Workflows projects. Expanding the drag-and-drop template library to include bold new designs to give some fresh creative inspiration. New help documentation and tutorial content. SOC II Type 1 compliance.

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