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2022: Looking back on the year

2022: Looking back on the year

  • News and Updates

It’s nearly the Holidays! Here at Vero we’re all looking forward to a short break over the Christmas and New Year period.

It’s been a really exciting 2022. This year we’ve focused on two key areas:

  1. Exploring new ways of loading data for customers, and
  2. Building the foundations to improve the core product experience.

Below we’ve included a soup-to-nuts summary of everything we released this year.

Our big areas of focus in 2023 will be using the foundations to delivery big improvements in the core UX and (finally!) adding support for custom, multi-channel messages in Vero. In the coming weeks we’ll share our 2023 roadmap publicly, including both our vision for Cloud and Connect and the areas we’ll specifically be working on.

Wishing you a wonderful end to your year and a happy Holidays, Chris and the team at Vero 🎄

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Unlocking new powers

A/B Testing in Workflows

A/B testing in Workflows enables you to add up to five variation branches per test, with each branch containing whatever combination of message, delay or logic nodes you want. You can decide the percentage of customers that should receive each variation. Read the full release announcement for A/B Testing in Vero Workflows.

Helping you get data into Vero Cloud


Use RudderStack to collect, route, and activate your customer data for advanced use cases and personalized marketing campaigns. View integration.


InnerTrends automatically creates smart segments of your users using your data. Synchronise these segments to Vero. View integration.

Improving the navigation

New sidebar

A brand new update to the main navigation in Vero Cloud. "Campaigns" has everything related to message sending and reporting while "Cloud CDP" has everything related to your customer data and events. This takes us one step closer to a vision for Vero that clarifies the three fundamentals: Campaigns, Data and Delivery.

Project Launcher

To make it easier to switch between multiple projects, and to create a greater connection between our two products, we launched a new "Projects Launcher". Read the release notes.

Helping you work faster

Cloning nodes

In our pursuit to make workflows easier to create and manage, we added the ability to clone individual email, push, filter or delay nodes in a Workflow. This comes in super handy when creating campaigns with similar content or logic. See the release notes.

Big improvements on Workflow speed and reliability

We made big updates to the architecture behind our Workflows feature. With customers pushing workflows to new limits we are constantly working to ensure workflows load and save quickly without any issues.

Making your day-to-day experience nicer

We released over 30 bug fixes and improvements, some of which include:

  • Create placeholder events from trigger dropdowns. There is now a “Create new event” option in the trigger event dropdowns when editing a workflow.
  • Node limits and warnings. We added warnings and limits to the Workflows UI to advise best practices: there’s a maximum limit of 150 nodes.
  • Faster loading of Templates. We made some performance improvements the Templates page.
  • Social icons background color in drag and drop. Added proper support for background colors.
  • Improved user session management. Updated our authentication methods for logging in and out of Vero to strengthen the security of your account. Better support for users logged in across multiple devices and automatic logout of inactive sessions.
  • Unsubscribe finds by “email” when it can’t find by ID. Added a fallback to check for users via “email” for email unsubscribes where an “id” does not match.
  • Faster loading of Templates. We’ve made some performance improvements that make the Templates page much faster.
  • Event property personalization in Push previews. Preview push messages that use event data to personalize the content using Liquid.

You can read about more improvements and bug fixes in our Changelog.

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Adding more direct data sources


Our Snowflake integration makes it easy to load data directly from your Snowflake data warehouse and use it to define the audience for your message, personalise the content with rich data and send your marketing campaigns faster than ever. Read more about the Snowflake integration.

Google Sheets

Our Google Sheets integration enables you to send great looking, personalized email newsletters directly from a spreadsheet, at scale. In just a few clicks you can load a Google Sheet, design your email with our drag-and-drop editor and hit send. Learn more about the Google Sheets integration.

Improving your workflow

New “Home” page

We made some tidy UX updates to Vero Newsletters to make it easier to access the core features. Start a campaign from a template, connect data sources faster and request support directly in-app.

View expired audience queries

Any newsletter that uses an SQL query to generate the audience now has an option to view the exact query used, making it easier to see which queries were used to on sent or expired newsletters.

Enabling email collaboration

Team invitations

Invite new and existing Vero users as team members of any Connect project. If you have been invited to another user’s project you can switch projects using the new project launcher. Read the release note.

Switch between projects

To make it easier to switch between multiple projects and get an overview of all the projects you’re a member of (from both Cloud and Connect products) we launched a dedicated "Projects Launcher".

Making sure Vero Connect is a 10/10 experience

In an effort to ensure Vero Connect meets the product quality bar we know you expect we have released multiple bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • Reliability of large (5-10m row imports). We introduced performance improvements to much more reliably import large audiences into Vero Connect.
  • Speed of imports (particularly smaller imports). We’ve got more work to do but we have been putting steady work into ensuring imports are as fast as possible. We’ve made particular progress with smaller imports which are now much, much faster.
  • SendGrid IP Pools not support properly. Fixed an issue where changes to the IP Pools setting on a SendGrid email channel were not saved.

You can read about more improvements and bug fixes in our Changelog.

Plus some extras…

Brand new help center

We re-launched our help center, including revisiting much of the content. It’s much faster, search is improved and articles are split per-product. Check it out.

Customer stories

Thanks to those customers who shared how they’re using Vero for success this year. We’ve got several more customer stories in the works that we look forward to sharing soon! Read customer stories.

Totally rebuilt blog

We’ve been writing content for over nine years at Vero! Our blog is a treasure-trove of over 300 articles. We’ve overhauled and simplified the design and improved the UX to make navigating and reading our blog more of a pleasure. See the new blog.

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