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6 Tools to Help You Clean Up Your Inbox for Good

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I cringe every time I hear the term “email blast”.

At best, an email blast has the right message, timing and call to action for just a handful of recipients. At worst, it annoys people enough to unsubscribe from your emails altogether.

The truth is that most people get too much email. I work for an email marketing company, so you know it’s bad if I’m saying this publicly on our blog! (I’ve been tracking my own inbox with a tool called Gmail Meter. It’s a cool way to visualize your own email use.)

The reason that Vero exists in the first place is to help our users send super targeted behavioral emails. That way, you can trigger emails based on customer behavior. For example, if someone has viewed the same product three times, you could send them a discount code. And that’s just the beginning.

Good email has always worked and bad email has never worked. Check out our free trial to learn more about sending the right emails at the right time, every time.

As a marketer, it’s your responsibility to send great emails. But as an Internet-connected human during the holidays, you can expect a ton of unwanted emails. Here are six tools to help you clean up your inbox for good.

1. Unsubscriber

unsubscribe from emails

How it works

This is a very simple tool. Unsubscriber adds a folder to your inbox titled “Unsubscribe”. When you find an email you don’t want, simply drag it into that folder and Unsubscribe will let the sender know to remove your email address from the list.


How much it costs


2. Unroll.me


How it works

See a complete list of newsletters and promotional email from your inbox and unsubscribe in a single click. You can also choose to receive a daily roundup of all your newsletters to cut down on clutter in the inbox.

How much it costs

Free up to five unsubscribes, then you can pay with a tweet or Facebook share to keep using the service without cost.

3. SaneBox

unsubscribe from emails

How it works

Sanebox is a more complete inbox management tool. In addition to helping you clear your inbox of unwanted emails, you can snooze emails until a later date and get reminders when people don’t respond to your emails. It doesn’t actually unsubscribe you from emails, but it will filter the ones you don’t want so they do directly to the trash.

How much it costs

Two weeks free, then $7/month or $60/year.

4. Mailstrom

mailstrom home page

How it works

Mailstrom is similar to Sanebox in that it’s a more complete inbox management tool. They recently acquired popular tool The Swizzle to make unsubscribing a cinch.


How much it costs

Two weeks free (with limited features), then $5/month or $50/year.

5. Gmail

How it works

Gmail is a pretty smart email provider. Priority Inbox, tabs and now Inbox make sorting through email much easier. Most email categorized as “promotional” now include an unsubscribe button at the top of the message.


Gmail doesn’t actually unsubscribe for you but they will help you complete the process faster.


How much it costs


6. Unlistr


How it works

Unlistr is a mobile app for iOS and Android that scans your inbox and helps you unsubscribe from lots of newsletters in just a few minutes. Once it learns your preferences, Unlistr can even unsubscribe from emails automatically.

How much it costs

Freemium – Use most features free or upgrade for $6/year.

Are there any great tools we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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