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How to Integrate Vero and SumoMe

How to Integrate Vero and SumoMe

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SumoMe is the fastest and easiest way to grow your email list.

And now SumoMe integrates directly with Vero. This means you can add subscribers to your newsletter and trigger behavioral campaigns without any additional work.

If you haven’t used SumoMe before, it’s a suite of free tools to help you grow your traffic and email subscribers. It makes creating scroll boxes and opt-in forms incredibly easy.

vero newsletter signup

How to Integrate Vero and SumoMe

First, open up SumoMe. If you haven’t already installed it, go get it here. It’s free and super useful.

sumome open

Choose the app you want to use to collect email addresses. For this example, we’ll use Scroll Box.

sumo me scroll box

Create an awesome call to action that is sure to get people signing up, then look for the Services option.

sumome vero

Click the Vero logo. Next, you’ll be asked for your Auth Token. You can find this in your project details in settings.

vero auth token

Copy and paste your Auth Token into SumoMe.

sumome auth token

You can use the Tags section to segment users in Vero and track the source of the email address. For example, you could use the tag scrollbox to keep track of users who filled out this form. In Vero, you can create a segment of users tagged scrollbox to be included in your newsletter.

Here’s how that looks in SumoMe:

scrollbox tag

And Vero:

vero tags scrollbox

It’s a good idea to test that the integration is working properly. Add your email address (or a test account) and click OK.

testing vero sumome

To confirm that the integration is setup properly, head back to Vero and navigate to the Logs section.

If the email address you entered appears in your Logs, you’re all set.

jimmy testing vero

Have any questions about the Vero/SumoMe integration? Just leave a comment or contact us at support@getvero.com.

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