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Product Update March 2023: new integrations, faster support and bug fixes

Product Update March 2023: new integrations, faster support and bug fixes

Hey everyone,

Earlier in the year we announced our public roadmap and presented our plan for the year, which we are feverishly working towards.

In this update, which covers work we released in our first development sprint of the year, we have a couple of new integrations to announce, a new way to interact with support and a number of bugs and small improvements.

Behind the scenes we’re also continuing to work on the bigger features on our roadmap. We’re excited to keep improving the product and will keep you updated on these major updates in the next sprint.

Until next time!

– Chris 👋

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Contact Support form

We’ve added a new support widget to Cloud with useful links to our help resources and a new contact support form to make it easier for you to get in touch with our amazing support team and receive assistance with any issues or questions you have. All your questions will arrive in our support inbox, and will be dealt with by our support team superstars, as per usual.


  • Read only settings. We’ve updated the ‘View only’ user role to restrict the ability to change the state of project, this means only admins can now put a project into Live, Test or Offline, mode.
  • Webhooks and Conversion performance improvements. Our platform architecture is undergoing a revamp with the aim to delivery a more rigid and performant messaging service to our customers. Our first steps has been to overhaul our Webhook delivery and Conversion data services which have been live for over a month and are already achieving increased performance and robustness. A great first step with even more to come in this space.
  • Add ‘email_sent_to’ field to segment.com webhooks. Webhooks sent to Segment.com are now consistent with our standard webhooks and now also include the ‘email_sent_to’ field.
  • Example CSV formatting. We improved the formatting in our example CSV’s to better show how Vero works.


  • Removed ‘powered-by-vero’ urls in link tracking reports. We fixed a bug that resulted in “powered-by-vero” links showing up in click reports. These URLs are automatically included when participating in the Vero referral program, and are now filtered out of click reports for your campaigns.
  • Push permalinks return json payloads. Permalinks on for Push campaigns now return the JSON payload as they should rather than a 404 error.
  • Permalinks for merged customer profiles. We fixed a bug that prevented viewing the message content of previously sent messages for users who have been merged or re-identified. Older reports not accessible. We fixed an issue causing older campaign reports to become inaccessible.

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MySQL and Microsoft SQL data sources Coming soon

Vero MySQL and MSSQL coming soon

We’re putting the finishing touches on two new data sources coming to Vero Connect in the next few weeks. You will soon be able to connect directly to MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases, query them with SQL and add recipient data into your campaign in a few simple steps. If these integrations are of keen interest to you, let us know so we can contact you as soon as they are available.  


  • Reports page for campaigns not working due to invalid date. We fixed a bug that prevented the full report page from rendering any data due to an issue with invalid date formatting.
  • Using old plain text from a variation. We fixed an issue that caused the wrong plain text version to be used after a campaign had been cloned. This was only an issue for a small number of campaigns and is now resolved.
  • Previews with attachments failed to send. We fixed an issue that caused any previews of a campaign that included an attachment fail to send.

Check out our latest integrations New

Rudderstack + Vero Cloud

Vero and Rudderstack

Use RudderStack to stream data from any platform—including mobile apps, websites, servers, and SaaS applications—and transform that data in real time before sending it to Vero Cloud to trigger personalized marketing communications.

Learn more


Vero and Hightouch

Integrating Hightouch with Vero gives you a way to sync the data you have stored in your data warehouse with Vero Cloud. Helping ensure your segments are using up-to-date customer data and that your campaigns are accurately personalized.

Learn more

What’s coming up 🔮

Along with the imminent release of MySQL and Microsoft SQL data sources (mentioned above), we’re also well under way building recurring triggers in Connect, which will enable automations built on top of data queried from external data sources. We’re also working on some UI updates that will make it easier to send campaigns using both Cloud and Connect products together. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes at Vero, we’re excited for you to get your hands on what we’re building.

Read more about what’s in store at Vero by reading our about 2023 roadmap blog post and by checking out our public roadmap tree to see what features we already have planned and in which order.

As ever, we’re always happy to hear from you, reply to this email or contact our super support team at support@getvero.com if you have any questions or comments.

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